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Combustion is a creative music studio focused on bespoke music, sound design and every form of sound wave. We’ve done soundtracks and audio experiences for several brands across the globe, like Renault, Diesel, Nestlé, Google, Skol, Unicef, among others. We have professionals in São Paulo, Brazil, and Bonn, Germany.
In a fast paced world, every detail counts. Our artistry aims to achieve the desired goal by a careful process to create the best experience the user could have thru sound.


Marcelo Baldin

Composer & Sound Designer

Marcelo Baldin is a music composer and sound designer, owner of Combustion Studio, based in São Paulo, working with the alias Combustion since 2002. Marcelo also has been invited to be speaker at festivals like OFFF Barcelona, Pixel Show and BD4D London. He also made workshops in Germany and Brazil. Since 2007 he's a Steinberg endorsed professional.

Elise Roese


Elise is a producer and partner at Combustion since 2010. After working in design studios and for advertising agencies, Elise joined forces to build up a solid ground. She is also a professional voice over artist.

Caco Teixeira

Composer & Sound Designer

Caco is a sound designer and music composer with passion for technology. He has worked in digital ad agencies and media production companies before starting his own business, Sonoplastico in 2009. Having 10+ years of experience creating audiovisual projects for clients in Brazil, United States and Europe and with awarded projects and publications recognized internationally, he is now partner at Combustion.

Sebastian Parche

Composer & Arranger

Sebastian is a German music composer based in Bonn. He has over 15 years of experience, composing soundtracks for films, documentaries and advertising. He also owns Touch The Sky Productions in Germany, which has a high quality library music service.


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