Combustion worked closely with QuintoAndar’s creatives for 5 months to develop their distinct and cozy sonic logo, supporting material, and brand voice. QuintoAndar is an impressive unicorn Brazilian startup, already one of the largest real estate platforms in the country, with an expansion to other countries in Latin America.

Our team worked collaboratively to create a short and memorable mnemonic that represents the spirit of the entire brand, combining creativity, technology, and playfulness. The sound of a whistle was incorporated into the brand’s audio identity, as it evokes a pleasant and nostalgic memory for many Brazilians. The sound of a whistle was often used by loved ones to signal their arrival at home, or by friends to call each other over, making it a very cultural behavior that is now associated with the brand.

The Process

Discovering the sonic identity of QuintoAndar necessitated a thorough exploration of the company’s historical roots and overarching brand objectives. Delving into the essence of their caregiver brand archetype, it became evident that the auditory representation had to resonate with the public profoundly. In crafting this introspective sound, aligning it with QuintoAndar’s core values, mission, and vision was crucial, ensuring that every auditory element echoed their commitment to providing top-notch services and empathetic care.

To achieve this, the process involved an extensive analysis of QuintoAndar’s past and present, dissecting the company’s journey from inception to its current position in the market. Understanding their brand evolution and trajectory was essential in crafting a sonic identity that encapsulated their history and propelled them into the future.

Moreover, the chosen auditory elements needed to be authentic, relatable, and instantly recognizable to their target audience. Whether in a distinctive jingle, a soothing voice, or a harmonious melody, these auditory cues would serve as a beacon of comfort and reliability, embodying QuintoAndar’s commitment to being a dependable partner in their customers’ journeys.

In conclusion, defining the sound of QuintoAndar went far beyond superficial considerations. It delved deep into the company’s DNA, tapping into its caregiver archetype, and emerged with a resonant, introspective sound that would reflect its brand and connect with its audience on a meaningful level. This sonic identity would be a powerful tool in fostering trust, loyalty, and a sense of belonging among QuintoAndar’s customers, cementing the brand’s position as a caring and empathetic service provider in the hearts and minds of the public.


Throughout our journey, we navigated through numerous sound options, creating a plethora of possibilities. It was a thorough and creative exploration, each option representing a facet of QuintoAndar’s identity. After much experimentation, we finally found the perfect sonic representation that encapsulated QuintoAndar’s essence, aligning with their caregiver archetype and brand values. This process, while challenging, ultimately led us to the ideal spot in QuintoAndar’s auditory landscape.


In addition to crafting QuintoAndar’s sonic identity, we meticulously searched for the ideal voice-over talent to represent the brand. We defined criteria based on the brand’s values and objectives, held auditions, and collaborated closely with QuintoAndar’s team to select a voice that embodied the necessary qualities of warmth, trustworthiness, and empathy. This choice was pivotal in establishing a strong emotional connection between the brand and its audience, ensuring that every message resonated authentically.


We found the process of shaping QuintoAndar’s sonic identity incredibly fulfilling. It was a thrilling experience to contribute to creating the sound for Brazil’s largest online real estate platform. This endeavor allowed us to blend creativity and strategy, creating an authentic and resonant sonic brand. We take pride in our role in ensuring that every note and voice aligns with QuintoAndar’s mission, and we’re excited about the positive impact this will have on the brand’s future.

Identity Track

We developed a unique identity track for QuintoAndar. This composition is carefully crafted to align with the brand’s ethos, offering a harmonious and warm auditory experience that truly embodies the spirit of QuintoAndar.




  • Bespoke Music
  • Sound Design
  • Sonic Branding
  • Musicology
  • Voice Over
  • Casting


Visuals by QuintoAndar
Branding by PortoRocha
Sonic Branding by Combustion Studio

Stefano Aparsy
Felipe Campos
Caroline Carvalho
Ricardo Lopes
Marcos Vinicius Pilleggi
Maurício Bina

Creative Director: Marcelo Baldin
Producer: Chico Balbin
ID track by Marcelo Baldin & João Flávio Hanysz
Mixed and Mastered by Brendan Duffey
Musicologist: Joe Hudson
VO Director: Elise Roese