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OFFF 2023 Campaign


Direction: Vasava
Graphics: Found
Sounds: Combustion

The Cube

This project was a genuine collaboration between Vasava, Combustion Studio and Found. Vasava created the overall framework, direction and execution of the whole campaign, while Combustion bought texture and depth to accentuate the narrative with their sound design, while Found created the visuals.

The Campaign

Barcelona’s OFFF Festival is the biggest event in the global design calendar, and we collaborated with Vasava and Found to create 2023’s campaign.

Chapter 1 Discovery

The awakening. An introduction to the CUBE.

Chapter 2 Insight

The CUBE gets into the OFFF dimension.

Chapter 3 Entertainment

The CUBE faces blasting beats.

Chapter 4 Process

Stuttering sounds and ambiance follow the CUBE.

Chapter 5 Connections

The CUBE goes thru a shattered glass bridge.

Chapter 6 Mastery

The CUBE goes to awe.