Ars Thanea is an award-winning Design & Craft studio, and together with them, Combustion started a series of experiments for research and development purposes. The results were a mutual inspiration for the teams, reaching for new ways of interpreting sounds and visuals.

There’s more to it than meets the eye. Dive into our imagination.


Research and Development 


Ars Thanea

What We Did

Original Music
Sound Design

A new collaboration between @combustion.studio and @arsthanea

Another episode of the #3wordschallenge. That’s what @mes_3dcg had in mind when he heard: #Sustainability#Furniture#Organic.

Why? “Inspired by the theme of recycling, with this #RnD I wanted to show the transformation from”old to new” while exploring new and creative ways to use Houdini’s particle system.”
So here it is! 🪑🪑

Sound: @combustion.studio

The task was to create a video that will connect 3 words: Sustainability, Furniture, and Organic. Each artist could interpret in their own way and show off their skills.

Piece by @_ziwa_ is focused on the first keyword – inspired by products that are made from recycled plastics and fair-trade made. Custom procedural geometry-based flakes and fully vex coded waves generator.

Sound: @combustion.studio

The audiovisual collaboration between @arsthanea and @combustion.studio continues.

Each artist in Ars Thanea studio has a slightly different style, mindset and magical powers. This is what the challenge shows, where everyone can show their way of thinking I feel new spaces.

The sonic responde was inspired by the visual inputs we received (this “aesthetes of sound”).

Dawid Kopestynski wanted to explore Houdini’s procedural self-growing geometry capabilities when applied to conceptual furniture. Keeping an organic shape and at the same time a spectrally crude look was a pleasant experience. The message was simple: #sustainability produced everyday objects are the furniture for all o f us.

👏🏼 Dawid Kopestynski
🎧 @combustion.studio

Another part of @arsthanea challenge, in partnership with @combustion.studio .

AT: Recycled plastics were a core part of this project. To achieve this effect @_ziwa_ developed a custom geometry-based plastic flakes generator with organic motion.

Combustion: We got an extra hand from @hanysz__ to compose the soundtrack for this experiment.

The @krzsk_grdznsk project is another part of @arsthanea internal challenge – facilitate the introduction of elements of nature in urban spaces.

An object made of recycled plastic can serve as protection for an anthill. On the technical side, the goal of the project was to test the crowd system.
The sound reflects granular items blending with modern textures.

Sounds by @combustion.studio

Here is a piece of @_rudkowski work. Inspired by the idea of insects playing an important role in our environment, providing a good environment for them is about making a better tomorrow for all of us. Insect Hotel is a home for our little friends designed with natural ingredients. Bugs are not dead!